Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation: Part 8

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Overall, at the beginning of the course my group and I, had trouble working together as they are two really close friends and I did not have the same communication with them as they did; which made it very difficult for me to join and take parts as they excluded me of some of parts for example filming-which I was really looking forward to. However, I compromised and agreed that they could film and I am going to do all the editing after, which I really enjoyed as I have learned to use a lot of the tools and the techniques on the software Final Cut pro. It was very interesting to put the videos together as well as editing it after and seeing it slowly getting ready.

As a group we had a great idea for a film and did a lot of research into the genre and similar films which helped us get more developed ideas for the iconography and narrative of the film’s title sequence. While the girls were filming they struggled to use the cameras properly as they were not very used to them, therefore we had a lot of unfocused shots I had to edit and crop out just the essentials with high quality and remove the unfocused and handheld shots. To make sure we got the best we could do we had to compromise on one another while we were coming up with the narrative of the film. All three of us had different ideas for a film, however, we had a meeting and talked about it and decided to combine the ides together.  

Evaluation: Part 7

Evaluation: Part 5

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My title sequence is targeted mostly at teenagers; this is because of all the features that it includes. For example, the camera angles, the movements of the camera, the editing, the sound, iconography and typography.

During the title sequence, the audience can experience a lot of point of view shots and handheld. This is because it almost makes you feel you are in the room with the four girls getting ready. There is quite a lot of pan movement to show the audience what is going on around the room. Also there are a lot of close-up shots, which focus on the details for example the plane tickets, as it is very significant for the narrative of the title sequence. This emphasis the teenage social group as they will be able to enjoy and relate to it while watching the film, due to their interest in make-up, girls, alcohol and ‘messing about’.

Furthermore, editing and sound is another way to represent the teenage social groups, as the in the title sequence has been edited to cut fast and show a lot of detail due to the curiosity, the sing we have chose is the stereotypical style of music most teenagers enjoy so it would make them more interested and other age groups would not be very keen on it. The mise-on-scene also represents teenagers (girls), they have tight outfits, heavy make-up and some of the girls are wearing heels; which is the stereotypical look for teenagers of their age. This is why we have mainly targeted teenage girls as they will relate to it and enjoy it. The colour scheme is black and red, black due to the late dark nights they spend at parties and red due to the wine and alcohol. Also the lightening is dark and dull as well as the colours, this also relates to the dark nights teenagers have.

The typography and iconography represents girly teenagers who like to party a lot and are interested into expensive objects. All the iconography shows a lot of alcohol and expensive bags and watches and other similar products. The typography looks like it’s handwritten and very girly but not too girly as it also relates to the action side of the film. In addition to this the title of the film we have used slot machines typography which reminds me of Las Vegas, exactly where the girls are heading to. This brings the atmosphere back to serious and the action starts after. 

Evaluation: Part 6

In my opinion we have reached our target audience because of all the iconography we have used in the tittle sequence. While planning we have included a lot of visuals to attract the target audience.  

For example, we have used a lot of jewellery to attract the girls , there are a lot of objects such as watches, perfumes, lipsticks and other girly stuff such as make-up.

Further more, there are other significant objects such as baklavas, which are more significant to the male audience. Alcohol is another significant visual of the tittle sequence. Also the colour scheme is most important iconography, this is because of the colours representing the genre of the film.

  This is some of the feedback we got, the comments are very positive about the iconography and music which was meant to be another attraction for the younger audience. Therefore, we have reached our targets. Overall, all of the feedback we got was quite positive and they seemed to enjoy watching the video and giving us so much positive feedback. This emphasise that we have reached the target audience, as the people in our class are the age of 16/17 years of age.
Other positive feedback was about the music in the video and how it fits very well with the genre. A lot of people like how the shots go fast cut at the same as the music. However, we should of had more footage as the tittle sequence is the minimum length.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Evaluation: Part 3

Evaluation: Part 2

Evaluation: Part 1

My group and I have been working towards a brief to create a unique title sequence for a film of our own our group includes 3 people: Emily, Sophie and I. At the beginning of the course we had two initial ideas for films; the first idea was about the consequences and the after event of a big party. The second idea which I preferred was about four girls running away from their bosses after they have robbed them. They make a new start in Las Vegas and become supper successful drug dealers. The tittle of our film is “Dope and Diamonds”. This is because of the “dope” lives the girls live and “diamonds” emphasise the all the money they have stole and illegally earned. The tittle sequence starts showing all the expensive and posh objects they own. Furthermore, they have a lough while getting ready to leave; they have already stolen the money. All happy they sort the money out and put them into bags, and then they finally put masks on so they’re not recognised on the way to the airport. Finally they leave and there is a shot of them walking down the street leaving for Las Vegas. The sub genre for our film is Drama; this is because of all the stuff the girl so through while trying to run away from their ex-bosses. There is quite a lot going on at the film, which makes it interesting for the audience.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


On Wednesday and Friday last week i spend all my free lessons and time after school in Media finishing this final cut of the title sequence I have edited and changed the font to more suitable one that everyone can read. I also agreed with the rest of the group about the colour of the video so it looks normal all the way through and it doesn't go orange.

Ending of the video and titles

 These are screenshots of the ending of the tittle sequence with the title coming out, however, in my opinion it did not work very good because i think it should stop at some point and not zoom in all thee way through so when the tittle sequence ends the screen goes all black and and the tittle is on the screen for enough time so people find it easier to read and remember the name.


Also today we found a new song and added it to our title sequence. I edited the music and footage sound at the end of the sequence. We wanted the effect of the music fading out and the actresses foot steps getting louder to create a dramatic effect.

This is the whole footage on Final Cut Pro. You can see how I have added the text and made the music fade out at the end. Its also noticeable that the shots go well with the speed of the song and they cut at the right time.


This is the feedback of the pre view of our title sequence , however we had two different versions to show to the class. This was because of the dissagreement and difference of opinions in the group, I made a different cut which had the whole title sequence in one colour scheme throughout. I also had a lot more shots however they were shorter and much quicker to go well with the music. On the other hand I also have added the tittle credits of the cast and crew in the title sequence.The tittle i have used is not so great so i am going to improve that. The rest of the group, had onger shots and some of the colours were a little bit different and it was not constant. Also there were no tittles. The feedback was mixed from the class. People liked some parts from Sophie and Emily's version and other liked the editing and the way the font goes with the genre. However, as a group we decided that we would put parts from the versions to create a final cut which is going to use mine version but just improve it so we all agree and like the tittle sequence.



Today I stayed behind after school and in my free lessons to edit the footage we have and improve it as I wasn't very happy with the way it looked. I changed the colours in some of the shots as they were orange and did  not look great and they were differrent in some of the shots. However after editing it the colour was okay accept that there was a blue shade, which i got rid of afterwards. Also I added the credits in it but the typography/font I chose was not really readable so i had to pick a new onewhich was really similar and also add the full titles not just names.


This is the soundtrack we have chosen to put into our title sequence video. This is because it suits the  genre of the film and its quite fast speeded which goes well with the shots we have filmed.


This is a video of our animatics which I edited on Final Cut Pro. I have the same length of the pictures that the footage is going to be. Next we are going to film and put the footage together.

Monday, 16 March 2015


 We added the different footage into one. We had some dissagreements at first to work as a group.I wanted it to be quite quick speeded and have a lot of cuts and shots but the other members wanted the shots to be a bit more extended and slow. Also another problem we had was editing the colour of the shots to make them the appropriate colour for the genre and also we needed to aply the effect on all of the shots so the colour is persistant. However, we worked together well and compromised on each others ideas.
I enjoed edditing a lot and i had great time learing how to work with Final Cut Pro. I learned a lot about it and the features that includes and now i am very confident using it.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


The group and the other actors had to re shoot the footage that we lost.Once they have done it I had to start edditng the footage and adding it together. I am curious to see what they have done and how they got on while filming.

Production company

We have chosen Summit Entertainment because of after the success of the Twilight series they are producing and distributing  more box office hits. Also it was bought by Lionsgate which means even more funding.
Highest grossing films at the box office include the Twilight series, Knowing, Ender’s Game, The Hurt Locker and Sorority Row.

Another reason we chose it was because of Twilight series and Sorority Row both have the same type of target audience as us.

Monday, 9 March 2015


Teenage drama
teen drama is a type of drama series with a major focus on teenage characters.
It came into prominence in the early 1990s, especially with the popularity of the Fox series Beverly Hills, 90210.

The action genre is a class of creative works characterized by emphasis on exciting action sequences. This does not always mean they exclude character development or story-telling. 

Personal Schedule

This week I am going to stay behind after school for 1 hour or more to work on the editing and typography on the tittle sequence. So far i have enjoyed editing the footage and I am exited to see what it will look at the end.I am hoping that me and the rest of the group will be able to finish the title sequence by the end of this week and make some final adjustments next week.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


These are the soundtracks we have picked to use for our tittle sequence. We are going to see which one fits the most and edit it on to our footage. Also we might ask for other people's opinions about it see which one is their favourite.

Font Choices

These are the fonts our group picked from the website : Me and Emily printed off these fonts and went round to people asking which one they like best and the most popular was the first one, which is also the groups favourite. It fits in with our title sequence because in the narrative they go to Las Vegas and the font is slot machines.This is why we are going to use both the first one is going to be for the tittles and the slot machine ( the second one) we are going to use it at the end when the tittle comes up.


These are the photos of the locations we are going to use for our footage. The locations are Sophie's  bedroom and the street outside her house.

First Draft.

On the 3rd of March the girls had a problem with the memory card ; meaning some of our footage got lost while they were filming. They are going to film again on the 6th so we have all the shots needed to get the effect we wanted.

After filming ageing we are going to add the soundtrack in the footage and edit the credits and tittles as well. 

Filming for the first time.

Today for the first time the group filmed.  Sophie and Emily from . It took them a while to get used to the camera and getting good lighting, however, all of it turned out pretty good. There is more footage we need so they  will need to film again. After filming I am going to use Final Cut Pro to edit the footage and take it to a  further stage. Typography should be added so as thcredits, this would make the title sequence more improved and finished. 


Today Sophie and Emily  filmed the final part of the footage of our sequence. They filmed on location from 9pm to 11:30pm. They filmed inside the bedroom and outside on the street as appropriate for the tittle sequence scene ending.

Props (ADDED)

These are the plane tickets we have edited and printed out to use in our tittle sequence as a hint that the girls are going to Vegas.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Costumes and props

This is the base of the costume for the actresses in our title sequence, however their characters are glamorous so the actresses will also be glammed up. 

This are pictures of props my group and I want to obtain to have in the title sequence. 


These are the 'plane tickets'  Sophie designed and edited on photoshop.While filming they will use these to indicate to the audience of our title sequence that the characters will be leaving London, UK and traveling to LAS VEGAS.

Delegations in the group

During filming 
Sophie - director/actress/camerawoman
Emily - main camerawoman/cinema togther/actress

Me and Sophie will be doing the majority of editing and typography as we know how to use the application the most and I am a graphics design student and have a lot of skills to do with typography which are going to be useful for the group.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Photos of Actresses

We have photos of the actresses in their costumes and props.The leather, balaclavas and blackness of their clothes work effectively as part of the mise-en-scene.

 Sophie Lisi as Ella Purnell

Alice Brown as Chloe Grace

Emily Collins as Kaya Scodelario

Enola Enver as Tamsin Egerton

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Todorov's Narrative

EQUILIBRIUM - Four girls who have worked for a drug lord named Darnell

DISRUPTION OF THE EQULIBRIUM - The four girls decide to run away and start a new life in Las Vegas. 

RECOGNITION OF THE DISRUPTION - The drug lords from London are on the girls trying to track them down but are always one step behind. 

ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE DISRUPTION - The girls gang are involved in many shoot outs and deals as the illegal when the Londoners arrive, as do the FBI as they have caught on whats going on.

NEW EQUILIBRIUM - The remaining three girls and business partner (Alejandro) are in FBI custody.


Applying S.T.I.N.C.S to our title sequence

Settings -London, Las Vegas 

Themes -  Action/Drama

Iconography -Balaclava's, money, alcohol, drugs, knives guns, make-up.

Narrative - Four girls who are employed by a drug lord decide to take his money and run away to Vegas to start their own illegal business

Characters - Scarlett, Vivian, Chantelle, Lacy, Darnell, Samuel, Alejandro, Milo.

Style -We used Todorov's theory.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Idea for tittle sequence and film narrative

Title sequence idea:
The four girls are getting ready to go to the airport, joking around laughing with all the money they have stolen from their boss.

Four girls who have worked for a drug lord named Darnell.
Four girls who have worked for a drug lord named Darnell.Four girls who have worked for a drug lord named DarnellThe girls gang are involved in many shoot outs and deals as the illegal when the Londoners arrive, as do the FBI as they have caught on whats going on.The remaining three girls and business partner (Alejandro) are in FBI custody.

Thursday, 26 February 2015


This is the link of the re-pitch presentation with all the improvements and changes we have made.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Video of re-pitch presentation

The is a video of our re-pitch with all the improvements we have made to make the presentation more successful.Furthermore next we are going to start creating out storyboards and animatics and prepare for filming.

Story Boards

These are our story boards for the title sequence we are going to create. They show the shots and angles of the footage we want to get. Furthermore, we are going to create our animatics using the drawings of the storyboards so its more realistic.