Wednesday, 18 March 2015


This is the feedback of the pre view of our title sequence , however we had two different versions to show to the class. This was because of the dissagreement and difference of opinions in the group, I made a different cut which had the whole title sequence in one colour scheme throughout. I also had a lot more shots however they were shorter and much quicker to go well with the music. On the other hand I also have added the tittle credits of the cast and crew in the title sequence.The tittle i have used is not so great so i am going to improve that. The rest of the group, had onger shots and some of the colours were a little bit different and it was not constant. Also there were no tittles. The feedback was mixed from the class. People liked some parts from Sophie and Emily's version and other liked the editing and the way the font goes with the genre. However, as a group we decided that we would put parts from the versions to create a final cut which is going to use mine version but just improve it so we all agree and like the tittle sequence.


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