Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation: Part 5

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My title sequence is targeted mostly at teenagers; this is because of all the features that it includes. For example, the camera angles, the movements of the camera, the editing, the sound, iconography and typography.

During the title sequence, the audience can experience a lot of point of view shots and handheld. This is because it almost makes you feel you are in the room with the four girls getting ready. There is quite a lot of pan movement to show the audience what is going on around the room. Also there are a lot of close-up shots, which focus on the details for example the plane tickets, as it is very significant for the narrative of the title sequence. This emphasis the teenage social group as they will be able to enjoy and relate to it while watching the film, due to their interest in make-up, girls, alcohol and ‘messing about’.

Furthermore, editing and sound is another way to represent the teenage social groups, as the in the title sequence has been edited to cut fast and show a lot of detail due to the curiosity, the sing we have chose is the stereotypical style of music most teenagers enjoy so it would make them more interested and other age groups would not be very keen on it. The mise-on-scene also represents teenagers (girls), they have tight outfits, heavy make-up and some of the girls are wearing heels; which is the stereotypical look for teenagers of their age. This is why we have mainly targeted teenage girls as they will relate to it and enjoy it. The colour scheme is black and red, black due to the late dark nights they spend at parties and red due to the wine and alcohol. Also the lightening is dark and dull as well as the colours, this also relates to the dark nights teenagers have.

The typography and iconography represents girly teenagers who like to party a lot and are interested into expensive objects. All the iconography shows a lot of alcohol and expensive bags and watches and other similar products. The typography looks like it’s handwritten and very girly but not too girly as it also relates to the action side of the film. In addition to this the title of the film we have used slot machines typography which reminds me of Las Vegas, exactly where the girls are heading to. This brings the atmosphere back to serious and the action starts after. 

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