Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation: Part 6

In my opinion we have reached our target audience because of all the iconography we have used in the tittle sequence. While planning we have included a lot of visuals to attract the target audience.  

For example, we have used a lot of jewellery to attract the girls , there are a lot of objects such as watches, perfumes, lipsticks and other girly stuff such as make-up.

Further more, there are other significant objects such as baklavas, which are more significant to the male audience. Alcohol is another significant visual of the tittle sequence. Also the colour scheme is most important iconography, this is because of the colours representing the genre of the film.

  This is some of the feedback we got, the comments are very positive about the iconography and music which was meant to be another attraction for the younger audience. Therefore, we have reached our targets. Overall, all of the feedback we got was quite positive and they seemed to enjoy watching the video and giving us so much positive feedback. This emphasise that we have reached the target audience, as the people in our class are the age of 16/17 years of age.
Other positive feedback was about the music in the video and how it fits very well with the genre. A lot of people like how the shots go fast cut at the same as the music. However, we should of had more footage as the tittle sequence is the minimum length.

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