Thursday, 26 March 2015

Evaluation: Part 1

My group and I have been working towards a brief to create a unique title sequence for a film of our own our group includes 3 people: Emily, Sophie and I. At the beginning of the course we had two initial ideas for films; the first idea was about the consequences and the after event of a big party. The second idea which I preferred was about four girls running away from their bosses after they have robbed them. They make a new start in Las Vegas and become supper successful drug dealers. The tittle of our film is “Dope and Diamonds”. This is because of the “dope” lives the girls live and “diamonds” emphasise the all the money they have stole and illegally earned. The tittle sequence starts showing all the expensive and posh objects they own. Furthermore, they have a lough while getting ready to leave; they have already stolen the money. All happy they sort the money out and put them into bags, and then they finally put masks on so they’re not recognised on the way to the airport. Finally they leave and there is a shot of them walking down the street leaving for Las Vegas. The sub genre for our film is Drama; this is because of all the stuff the girl so through while trying to run away from their ex-bosses. There is quite a lot going on at the film, which makes it interesting for the audience.

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