Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Introduction to our course

Coursework requirements- create an opening title sequence to an original film, which should be no longer than two minutes

MARKS-research + planning = 20- title sequence = 60- evaluation = 20

My Group- Sophie Lisi;Emily Collins;Julia Misheva (me)


Our first idea for the film was the aftermath of a teenage house party where contaminated drugs where taken and the group of protagonists have to work out what happend and deal with the subsequent dramas.

The second was a group of girls in London who take their heart broken friend on a night out. 

This idea got the most developed but we realised to film the title sequence (which would be the party) was next to impossible.

We went back to this idea and developed the story line before changing it completely but keeping the four main girls, this then developed into our final idea.

In time outside of lessons we began to develope the four girls back stories and working the film idea around them, small elements where changes and thought on before we finalised the story and made our pitch. 

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