Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Diegetic sound 
-Dialogue (voices)
-Background noises
-sounds made by objects

Non-digetic sound
-Music added afterwards
-narrators commentary
- sound effects

Sound terms
Diegetic sound- Both audience and characters can hear ; sound effects or music played in the scene 

Non-digetic sound- Only audience can hear the soundtrack music-played for effects (but not part of the scene) 

Sound bridge- Will add continuity as sound from one sequences carries onto the next 

Voiceover- when a voice ,often a character  in film, it is heard whilst we see an image of a space and time in which that character is not actually speaking

Parallel sound- will compliment what we see 

Dialogue- the use of speech by characters 

Contrapuntal sound- A counterpart to what we see. What we see and hear does not match. 

Foley sound- 

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