Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Films related to my tittle sequence

Spring Breakers 

Budget - $5,000,000
Total Gross - $14,124,284

Certificate - 18

I think that this is a very similar film to mine because of the narrative being about money, drugs and power. Furthermore, the certificate for this film is 18 and we are predicting that ours will be 15 because there won't be that much violence and inappropriate language as our target audience is 15-30 years old population. We expect our budget to be $10 million this is because of the special effects, locations and the crew.


Budget- $4,900,000
Total Gross - £799,634

Certificate - 15

In this film the main characters are 4 girls. In the trailer of this film we can see a lot of crime being committed but the four girls are being strong and stand against their enemies. This is very similar to my film in the aspect of crime being committed and FBI being involved. Also the age rating is 15 as there's no strong violence or language shown. The budget is a lot lower than ours and so as the total gross. 

Hangover Part III 

Budget – 103,000,000
Total Gross (worldwide) - $350,986,625
Certificate - 15

This is another film that I think is an appropriate link to the film we would want to make because the 4 main characters go to Las Vegas on a stag party but it always ends bad for them as they commit crime and take drugs. This is also a 15 rated film even though some of the scenes might be a little bit too much for 15 years old teenagers. However, this film has a lot higher budget than ours so therefore our film might not be as successful. 

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